Twin Cities of Darkness

House of Shame
Oliver's take on the get-together and the night in the mansion

The case was over and we got together at our place, the one where me and Maxine and the rich asshole works. The cop and the weird chick were there too. No idea where the other jurors went, but I guess they were sick of the whole thing. I probably wouldn’t have been there if I hadn’t been stuck working, but whatever.

Turns out we all got these invitations to go to some dead rich asshole’s mansion since we were in his will. Free money, right? Score! So we talked it over and all planned to go. Maxine gave me a ride.

First order of business was the money. We’d get a ton if we stayed the night. Easy.

Second order of business was pussy. The hot black chick wasn’t interested, so later I tried the firecrotch rich asshole was going for, but she went to bed early like she was a lameass or something.

So after getting totally wasted I went to go pass out in bed. And I know I locked the door – I learned my lessons – because I woke up in the middle of the night to some fucker trying to get in and do shit to me. But I hid with my knife, and he didn’t try shit. Now I’m trapped in here for the rest of the night, and fuck this bullshit.


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